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Our philosophy is that communication is a superior tool to create value - for customers, shareholders and employees. Customers who make informed decisions come back, employees who understand and are passionate about management's vision create value and shareholders that are informed and have the right expectations gain trust. Everything a company does is communication and everything a company communicates or choose not to communicate affects people's expectations, perception and actions.

For 20 years we have helped leading companies and management teams to develop their brands, implement their communications and manage information in connection with acquisitions, exits, bids, crises and other situations. It is our hope that we have contributed to our customers' positive development and our belief that we will do so in the coming decades.

Comir's employees have extensive experience and insight from top positions in Swedish and international busienesses. Comir has also built up a highly skilled international network of leading advisors. Johan Hähnel, 50 years and founder of Comir, was previously responsible for communication and brands in global companies such as private equity firm EQT, brand conglomerate Unilever, investment company 3i, and in Swedish listed companies such as conglomerate Atle, med-tech company Q-Med, the Stockholm Stock Exchange and in the banking world.

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